FREE EP: N’Buzz – V.A.I.N

Yes! It’s finally out. The much awaited V.A.I.N EP has finally been released, thankfully our wait was not in VAIN ;). The rapper N’Buzz whose music is done under the Truth Music brand has spent time to put together a 7 track EP for you all in which one is a spoken word piece.


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If you’ve been keeping track, the rapper released his first single off the EP as at a week and few days to Christmas last year; December 12 2015 titled One day. The single caught so much attention as it enjoyed air play across radio stations both online and terrestrial within and outside Lagos. Following the release of One day, N’Buzz raised the bar higher with the release of his second single off the V.A.I.N EP on April fool’s day (April 1st 2016) titled Misunderstood. Misunderstood is clearly a song from the heart which every individual can easily relate to at first listen. Listeners around the world have confessed to this fact and it was made more evident during N’Buzz’ live periscope chat with listeners via his interview on Rhythm fm.

N’Buzz is a very unique rapper worth listening as he has really interesting views to life issues. There’s truly evidence of truth in his music and his pattern is not stereotypical as he has the ability to create different flows for different beats.

It’s also necessary we mention that every song on this EP was produced and mixed by the legendary Jomane. His skills are totally world class and V.A.I.N is a proof

This EP also has a feel of some indigenous flows, for lovers of indegeneous lyricism. N’Buzz during his video interview with irapChrist confessed he was putting some work into his indigenous flow pattern, this he displayed on track 3 (Chibuzo).

We advise you rebrand your playlist with this dope content as we’re rest assured your downloads will not be in VAIN. In case you don’t know V.A.I.N is interpreted; Verily All Is Nothing.



  1. Ctrl+S (Saved) ft. Liyia x 4
  2. Need Some Loving ft. Shay
  3. Chibuzo
  4. Misunderstood ft Vique
  5. V.A.I.N
  6. One Day ft. 6tem
  7. Love Defined



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