Video: Sho Baraka – The Road to Humble

Sho Baraka is back! This time he is not just unashamed but he is now a little more Humble. Sho Baraka just signed to Humble Beast Records, the news came up last week around the internet after Sho Baraka tweeted his new video “The Road to Humble” with the tag “i’m a little more humble now” showing the humble him.

Sho Baraka was with Reach records (Lecrae’s record label) for a while and then he continued as a solo artist till this month, he stayed relevant all through the solo walk as an artist.

The official announcement on the Humble Beast website reads:

“Sho has always been a friend of Humble Beast & our ministry. Recently, we’ve realized just how similarly our paths and passions are intertwining. After building for a while, it only made sense to take the next step. We are thrilled to work with Sho and are excited for you to see what comes from this relationship.

Congratulations Sho Baraka, we expect great works from you and Humble Beast.

Check the new Video out below:




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